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What is Driver CPC?

CPC stands for “certificate of professional competence” and is a vital requirement for HGV, LGV and PCV drivers who currently drive commercially or are looking to do so across the UK. It serves as a regulatory framework, ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and safety. Driver CPC is regularly updated to align with the evolving industry standards, which continually help enhance drivers’ skills throughout their careers. It was initially implemented in September 2008 for PCV license holders and September 2009 for HGV drivers. 

Driver CPC was put in place to ensure that professional drivers undertake a minimum of 35 hours training, also known as ‘periodic training’, every 5 years. This commitment of ongoing education and development is crucial for maintaining the validity of your license. If you obtained your car license prior to 1997, ‘grandfather rights’ grants you the privilege of holding a 7.5 tonne license, allowing you to undertake the mandatory 35 hours of periodic training, regardless of whether you’ve previously held a CPC card. 

For new drivers, the ‘initial’ CPC serves as the gateway for aspiring drivers who want to start the beginning of their journey and break into the industry. This certification process includes various aspects of driving theory, legislation and practical skills, also known as a ‘Module 2 case study’ and ‘Module 4 test’ – equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to kickstart their professional careers.


Our Courses are Accredited by Driver CPC!

Our CPC courses proudly hold accreditation from Driver CPC, ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance. This accreditation signifies our commitment to delivering comprehensive training that meets the industry requirements. Rest assured, our courses provide drivers with the necessary skills and foundational knowledge to excel in their profession while adhering to regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Driver CPC Courses we provide

Periodic CPC

Our Periodic CPC course offers training tailored to the needs of professional drivers seeking to maintain compliance and enhance their skills. Designed to fulfill the 35-hour periodic training requirement, our course covers a range of topics relevant to modern road transport. Whether you’re refreshing knowledge on legislation or advancing safety practices, you can expect sessions led by experienced instructors.

Initial CPC

Enter the world of professional driving with our Initial CPC course. Specifically created for new entrants aspiring to obtain their first professional driving license. Our course equips you with the fundamental knowledge, essential for success. The curriculum covers all aspects of driving theory, legislation, and practical skills (Module 2 case study + Module 4 test), ensuring you’re fully prepared to navigate the roads with confidence.

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Periodic CPC

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Initial CPC

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