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A HIAB is a lorry mounted crane and specialised training is needed in order to operate one. Here ate Newcroft we provide ALLMI accredited training from novice to refresher level. Novice training lasts 2 days and one day for refresher/conversion.
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What does HIAB stand for?

HIAB is Hydrauliska Industri AB and is a Swedish manufacturer of lorry mounted cranes

What is ALLMI?

ALLMI is the accrediting body for HIAB training. ALLMI stands for the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers.

What happens after I have completed my HIAB training?

You will receive an ALLMI license which lasts for 5 years. To retain your license, all you will need to do is to complete Refresher training. If you fail to complete Refresher training before your ALLMI license expires then you will have to complete Experienced training.

I work in a yard loading & unloading trucks using a HIAB. Do I need and ALLMI license?

No you don’t. Only ‘In-house’ training is required to operate a HIAB inside an employers yard. If you change employers or use a HIAB outside of the yard then although it is not a legal requirement, it is advisable to obtain an ALLMI license as it is an indication that you have received recognised training.

I don't have an ALLMI license but have operated a HIAB for an ex employer. Do I need to complete Novice training to get an ALLMI license?

No you don’t.
Providing you have evidence of previous experience of operating a HIAB, you will only need to complete Experienced training.

Are there different attachments on a HIAB?

Yes there is. There are 4 main attachments on a HIAB and they are Remote, Hook, Brick Grab and Clamshell.

Courses available through Newcroft

ALLMI Novice
ALLMI Refresher
ALLMI Experienced

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