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Forklift Training in Essex

Newcroft provides both RTITB accredited and non-accredited ‘in-house’ forklift training. Our experienced, RTITB accredited trainers have operated various forklift trucks for years. Novices can complete their training in 3-5 days, while refresher courses only take 1-2 days. We also offer non-accredited ‘in-house’ training for employers keen on ensuring their staff can safely operate forklifts. Feel free to get in touch with us today to talk about your forklift training requirements and reserve your course. Alternatively, you can use the button below or the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Forklift FAQs

Do I get a forklift license once I have completed my training?
There is no such thing as a forklift license. You will receive a RTITB certificate of basic training and an ID card that indicates what type of forklift you can safely operate.
What is the difference between the types of forklift you provide training on?

The Counterbalance forklift is incredibly versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor loading and unloading tasks.


Reach forklifts, on the other hand, are designed exclusively for indoor use, primarily within warehouse settings.


Telehandlers, also known as Rough Terrain Telescopic Handlers, find their main purpose outdoors, commonly on construction sites, although they can be used indoors too.


Vehicle Mounted Lift Trucks are affixed to the rear of HGVs and step in when a forklift is needed for loading and unloading at sites where one isn’t readily available.

Do I need to complete novice training on a Reach forklift although I can already operate a Counterbalance?

No. If you hold a Counterbalance basic training certificate, you’re eligible for Conversion training on any other forklift type. Conversion training is shorter, typically spanning 1-2 days, compared to novice training, which extends to 3-5 days.

Do I need to complete a novice course in order to be RTITB accredited although I learned how to operate a Counterbalance at the company I used to work for?

No. The training you underwent at your previous company falls under the category of ‘in-house’ training. As long as you have evidence like a certificate, you only need to complete an Experienced course. This option shortens the training duration by 1 day in comparison to a full Novice course

My RTITB registration is about to expire. What do I need to do in order to receive another 3 years registration?

To maintain your RTITB registration, you must undergo Refresher training, which takes no more than 1 day.


If your RTITB registration has lapsed, you can allow it to expire for up to a year and still qualify for Refresher training to re-register. However, if your registration has been expired for over 1 year, you’ll need to complete Experienced training to re-register with RTITB.

I own a company that uses Counterbalance forklifts. Do I need to register my employees with RTITB?

No. We offer non-accredited ‘in-house’ training for your employees, which includes a certificate of completion.

Forklift courses available through Newcroft

Telehandler, Bendi,RTITB Vehicle Mounted Lift Truck (Moffett)

All of the above courses are also available on a non-accredited / in-house basis.
Please get in touch for further details on our accredited & in-house forklift training courses

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