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Gantry Crane Training

Our Overhead Gantry Crane training options are flexible to suit your needs. You can opt for the RTITB accredited program or choose our convenient ‘In-House’ training option. Our comprehensive course covers both pendant and cab operated cranes, ensuring that your team is well-equipped for any situation.

With a maximum duration of just 1 day, our training sessions can accommodate groups of up to 4 students, promoting a collaborative learning environment.

For further details on our Overhead Gantry Crane training program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We’re here to assist you in enhancing your team’s skills and safety. Alternatively, you can use the button below or the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Gantry Crane Training FAQs

How long does the RTITB registration last for?
Your RTITB registration will last for 3 years once you have completed the novice training. To retain your registration, you will need to complete refresher training before that date. If your registration has expired then you will have up to a year to take refresher training.
I have both pendant and cab operated gantry cranes in my warehouse. Will my operators need to complete a course for each type of crane?

No they won’t.
The RTITB training includes both pendant and cab operated cranes.

My RTITB Overhead Gantry Crane registration expired more than 1 year ago. Can I take refresher training to get re-registered

No you can’t.

You will have to complete novice training.

Courses available through Newcroft

RTITB Overhead Gantry Crane., The above course is also available on a non-accredited / in-house basis.

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