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If you want to drive an LGV / HGV vehicle professionally, we at Newcroft can provide all the training you need. With many years of experience in the training & logistics industry, our instructors will guide you through what is required for you to become a LGV / HGV driver. We work on the basis of booking your test and then starting your training 5 days prior to that date. Package deals are available which include all test fees. Get in touch today for further details on when you can start your training


What do I need to become an HGV driver?

Firstly you need to add the provisional entitlement to your driving license and pass a medical. This can be done by downloading the D2 & D4 forms from HERE

Do I need to pass a Class C test before I start Class C+E training?

Until recently the answer was yes. However to address the shortage of HGV drivers, the UK Government has scrapped the need to pass a Class C test.

What are the next steps?

You will need to take and pass the Theory(part 1) and Case Studies(part 2) tests.

When can I start my practical training?

At Newcroft, we book your practical driving test and your training starts 5 days prior to that date. Please note, you must have passed the Theory(part 1) test before you can start your practical training

Is there anything else I need before I can drive a HGV professionally?

You will need to take and pass the Practical Demonstration(Part 4) test. Please note that you must have passed the Case Studies(part 2) test before taking the Practical Demonstration(part 4) test.

What happens after I have passed all of my tests?

You will receive your Driver CPC card(sometimes called Driver Qualification Card or DQC) in the post to the address on your license. You can drive professionally while waiting for your card to arrive however if it doesn’t arrive within 20 days, you must inform the DVLA.

Do I need to complete any training after I have qualified as an HGV driver?

Yes you do. Every 5 years, you will need to complete 35 hours of Driver CPC periodic training. This can be done all at once or you can spread the training over the whole 5 years. Failure to complete CPC training within 5 years will result in your Driver CPC card becoming invalid and you would be at risk of prosecution if you continue to drive a HGV professionally.

What is a tachograph card and do I need one?

A tachograph card is used to record your daily driving activities as an HGV driver.
Whether you need one depends on what type of HGV you are/will be driving. Certain vehicles such as refuse collection or fire engines are exempt from having a tachograph.

Courses available through Newcroft

Class C (Class 2) Class C+E (Class 1)

Please note, you need to pass a Class C test before you can start Class C+E training. Get in touch with us today to check availability for LGV / HGV driver training.

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